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WaterGroup provide a full range of leak detection tools to help you accurately find the source of water loss in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The range includes:

Portable pocket Sized Leak Detector 

Hydrolux HL5:

  • Monitor fittings and pipes
  • Wireless transmission of leak noise to headphones
  • Visual and audible leak indications
  • 3 adjustable filters
  • Highest degree of mobility

Handheld ground microphone for audible and visual leak detection

Hydrolux HL 10:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Single handed operation
  • Measured data memory
  • 3 adjustable filters
  • Universal sound receiver

Laptop correlator for pressurised water pipes

Correlux P-250

The Correlux P-250 notebook correlator is designed for precisely locating leaks in pressurised water pipes by experienced and inexperienced users alike. The latest, most sophisticated, correlation methods and noise analysis help the user avoid incorrect measurements and expensive unnecessary digging.

  • Quick correlation using PC, laptop or tablet
  • Innovative documentation options
  • Multi and 3D Correlation
  • Optional hydrophone sensors
  • Cutting-edge acoustic technology

Multipoint correlator

Sebalog Corr

  • Programmable sensors for day/night measurement
  • Correlate up to 8 sensors simultaneously
  • Analysis via laptop
  • GPS receiver / Smartphone-App for determining coordinates
  • Pinpointing function
  • Real-time measurements






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08/09/14 - WaterGroup Pty Ltd announces the release of Sebalog N-3, Australia’s first permanent leak detection network that correlates network noise loggers.
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05/09/14 - The LeakControl from WaterGroup Pty Ltd is an ultrasonic flow measuring system designed for water loss monitoring and leakage control.
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12/05/14 - WaterGroup introduces the HL 50 leak locator designed for quick leak surveys, leak pinpointing, and indoor leak detection using acoustic leak detection

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