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Wastewater Aeration & Pump Systems Australia  (WASPA) is the exclusive Australian distributor for Aeration Industries International Inc (AIII) wastewater treatment equipment and systems.

Aeration Industries International, Inc (AIII) has a complete range of efficient and low maintenance aeration equipment and wastewater treatment systems to suit the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and aquaculture markets.

Aeration Industries introduced surface aspirator aerator technology into the wastewater treatment market under the trademark “AIRE-O2” and has over 35years of experience in challenging wastewater treatment applications.

AIII has delivered more than 60,000 units in more than 92 countries worldwide to solve challenging wastewater treatment problems using AIII’s superior AIRE-O2 proprietary technologies and engineering expertise.

AIII has successfully solved problems in a wide variety of applications including: industrial and municipal sewage & wastewater treatment; aeration & mixing of lagoons, dams & ponds, the restoration of lakes, rivers, harbours and water quality management in aquaculture.

In addition, WAPSA is a distributor for the WEIR Self-Primer, Cornell, Tsurumi, Toyo, Aquaplus, Indeng, EOne and JS Maskinfabrik pump range.

Pumps include self-priming, centrifugal, submersible, trash, priming assist, positive displacement, hydrotransport & hot oil food process pumps. The wastewater pump range includes solids handing pumps to suit stringy material, abrasive, corrosive, sludge and slurry liquids.

Furthermore, WAPSA supply a complete range of packaged pump stations and booster stations, which include pumps, motors, controls, piping, accessories and enclosures.

WAPSA specialise in supply of aeration equipment and pump systems for the municipal, water, wastewater, sewage, industrial, construction, winery, mining, pulp & paper, food process, rental and OEM markets.

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