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Wastech Engineering offers PET2000 twin screw auger compactor

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Wastech Engineering  supplies engineering products and solutions for Australia’s recycling and waste industries.  

Wastech has developed the PET2000, a twin screw auger compactor specially designed to provide high force product destruction. Ideal for large products such as white goods and pallets, Wastech’s PET2000 is also well equipped to handle compaction of PET plastic.  

Driven by separate gear boxes, the PET2000’s two auger shafts counter rotate to ensure that product is evenly dispersed over the entire packing chamber. Payloads are maximised by a reducing pitch and diameter at the ends of each auger that increases packing force.  

Wastech Engineering’s PET2000 removes the need to bale, with a 34 cubic metre Hooklift container now able to accommodate up to 8 tonnes of PET bottles, fed through a densifier.  

Abrasion force is no longer an issue when compacting at high force due to hard facing of the PET2000’s auger flytes. Variable speed drive control ensures that friction and wear has been greatly reduced.

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