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Stationary and breakaway compactors available from Wastech Engineering

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Wastech Engineering  offer a range of Marathon compactors. Wastech Engineering compactors can cater for waste, recycling products and site restrictions.

The stationary or breakaway compactor has a hydraulic packing head that is bolted to the ground and the bin or container is removed for emptying. The stationary compactor packing heads come in various sizes and styles to suit waste types, product sizes and feed rates.

Following are the applications of Marathon stationary compactors:

  • Cardboard, paper and recyclable product
  • Dry and non messy type waste as bin is removed from compactor head for emptying
  • Paper trim and printing cyclone applications
  • Industrial or inert waste types loaded through tippler bin or bin lifter
  • Regional and metropolitan waste transfer stations

Following are the features of Marathon stationary compactor:

  • Various size packer heads and containers to suit individual applications from the compact designed Tank series to suit loading dock installations with limited room available to the large RJ-325L and RJ-550 to suit tippler bin or bulk loading
  • Auger and blade style machines to cater for all product types
  • Up to 400mm Pack Blade intrusion into container controls waste "spring back" to increase payload
  • Quality power pack is mounted externally away from the rear of the blade area and the inherent moisture and contamination problems, thus increasing the reliability and serviceability of the unit
  • Self adjusting scraper blade reduces waste bypass of blade
  • Rolled container walls reduce tare weight and increase cleanliness and emptying
  • Bin or container sizes from 8 cubic metre to 60 cubic metre
  • Timers and relays control packer cycle and safety functions to allow for easy adjustment to suit aplications
  • Variety of hoppers and safety cages to suit all locations while complying with current OH&S requirements
  • Robust design combined with hydraulics and electrics maximises the durability and working life of the Wastech Engineering compactors

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