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Stainless steel chutes available from Wastech Engineering

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Wastech Engineering  design, manufacture and install steel chutes. Wastech Engineering review drawings and recommend solutions for the management of garbage and linen in a multi-level project.

Wastech Engineering’s chute systems are customised for building designs. Wastech Engineering’s service includes design solutions from planning stage to installation and commissioning.

Galvanised steel is suitable for garbage chutes. Wastech Engineering also provide stainless steel chutes in grades that assure quality and specification. Garbage chute doors are two hour, fire rated and manufactured in stainless steel for quality, hygiene and function in a busy environment.

Stainless steel is suitable for linen chutes and their associated equipment. Wastech Engineering’s linen chutes provide care for articles made of linen, when they are moved from collection to the sorting area.. Wastech Engineering have stainless steel doors that are designed for safety and comfort while providing security and a good design to compliment the entire chute system.

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