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WastePac glass crushers from Waste Initiatives

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Waste Initiatives Pty Ltd  introduces WastePac glass crushers designed to effectively manage waste glass disposal.

WastePac glass crushers crush and compact glass waste, saving time and money in waste disposal by reducing the number of glass collections every day or week.

The glass crushers are ideal for retail outlets, restaurants, hospitality establishments and clubs that can now compact their glass wastes to minimise waste disposal overheads. WastePac is especially suitable for facilities that generate high volumes of waste glass.

WastePac glass crushers are simple in design and user-friendly in operation. Safety features include sensors that shut down operation immediately upon exposure of moving parts as well as a compaction area completely encased by a heavy duty metal chamber.

Key features of WastePac glass crushers:
  • Top-loading infeed
  • Can be used indoors or outside
  • Compact dimensions suitable for crushing glass into 140-litre and 220-litre wheelie bins
  • Low noise level of only 72 decibels
  • High compaction ratio of up to 10:1 for quick ROI
  • Very low maintenance requirements with only a biannual 15-minute procedure necessary
  • Full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy installation with simple plug-in
  • Standard power requirements of single-phase 220-240V
  • Fully CE approved and compliant with ISO12100 1-2, Safety of Machinery standards

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