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Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd offers Diesel Fuel Injection and Turbocharger Repair Services

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Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd  provides specialist Diesel Fuel Injection and Turbocharger Repair Services for most 4WD, light commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine, mining, power-generation & heavy road going vehicles. Wärtsilä’s highly trained technicians and specialists in fuel injection and small and large frame turbochargers aim for timely repairs and efficient service of diesel engines and components.  

As Wärtsilä manufactures some of the world’s largest engines, the operation of these engines is dependent on a correct functioning diesel fuel system, particularly the injection pumps, for accurate delivery of the right amount of fuel at the right time. The services offered by Wärtsilä are becoming more sought after, as diesel maintenance becomes increasingly complex with more electronic components being used to control the operation of an engine. For example, microprocessors now regulate and manage fuel injection and engine timing, increasing the engine's efficiency. Additionally, new emissions standards often require engines tuning, upgrade or retrofit with emissions control systems.  

With its background in designing and building diesel engines, Wärtsilä Australia has the ability to service most types of diesel fuel injection and turbocharger equipment, regardless of size or capacity ranging from passenger car diesels to high-speed marine diesel engines.  

Mr. David Trench, General Manager of Services Sales, Wärtsilä Australia, said; “We can help you resolve any problems you may have in the fuel/air delivery system of your diesel. Whether you have a major problem, or are just looking to get the best possible performance and mileage out of your engine, we can help”.  

“At Wärtsilä Australia, our factory-qualified technicians will disassemble, clean, inspect, and replace any damaged parts according to factory specifications. Each pump and injector is calibrated on the latest ISO test benches before they leave our shop”, says Mr. Trench, adding that, “Wärtsilä Australia has built a dedicated and dynamic professional team that is committed to provide the best services to our customers so as to achieve total satisfaction. Wärtsilä Australia has a strong customer focus and is devoted to providing quality service in all areas of the fast growing Diesel World”.  

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