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Turnkey and Modular 5-30MW Power Generators from Wartsila Australia

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Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd   has given the mining sites, gas industries, oil sector and the remote regions a modular and scalable option that obviates major assembly responsibilities for the user and keeps everything above ground on a concrete slab.

Wartsila Oilcube and Wärtsilä gas cubes are fully self-contained power generation stations designed as ‘plug and play’ concepts to deliver an output between 5-30 MW power.  As the power demand increases, all that is needed is the addition of another cube. In basic terms, the Wartsila cubes are self-contained cabinet units that come in kit form, and a cube is built around each complete module. They suit users that do not have major construction and project handling resources but require a complete power production on-site.

Wartsila cubes are based on a 9 MW engine configuration and are assembled on site quickly, with the engine transported on a low loader vehicle and the remainder of the power station sent on a standard truck. Being enclosed, these power cubes provide a high level of OH&S, being air conditioned and a comfortable environment is easily attainable. There is also no real noise output generated by these systems during engine overhauls.

A regular engine-driven power plant would only have one crane doing all halls in a multi-configuration whereas cubes have an individual crane in each self-contained hall. Planned start-up is fast due to the preconfigured software and interface solutions. It is a step-wise system that allows managers to expand the capacity of their power plant as required.

Quick to assemble, the oil cube and gas cubes have everything in modular format so there is no real cutting required or pickling of pipes. In terms of set up, two units would take only about six weeks for a complete turkey completion. The electrical return is the same as traditional power plants but the parasitic loss is far better, down from 2.5 to about 1%.

Wartsila Cubes are functional power plants with different auxiliaries and components that power production unit requires.  Its cubicle construction has radiators on the roof and an exhaust stack by those situated close to the cube or integrated within it. Each cube is delivered complete with necessary components and structures located above ground.  Only the concrete foundation on which the assembly rests is built locally, therefore significantly reducing the customer's responsibility.

Wartsila Oil Cube

With options ranging from 16V32 to 20V32, the Oil Cube is compact and includes a modular HFO treatment system comprising two separators and a tank with separated fuel. Electrically heated and without a steam system, the electricity consumption in a Wartsila Oil Cube plant is minimised by utilising heat taken from the engine cooling water and lubrication oils systems.

A closed-circuit cooling water system keeps the need for water down to a minimum. Radiators placed on the roof ensure the efficient cooling in all circumstances. These oil cubes have a low voltage electrical system inside the cube and operate on plc and panel mounted WOIS (Wartsila operators interface system), thus these plants can be monitored and operated remotely or by using WOIS workstations.

Wartsila Gas Cube

It is a one engine power plant based on the Wärtsilä 20V34SG with necessary auxiliaries and components needed to make up a working power production unit - providing up to 9.7MWe per unit. A cubicle enclosure has the engine and the alternator located on a common base frame.  Inlet air modules, charge air silencers, exhaust gas system and an auxiliary module are all connected to the generator set.

The auxiliary model includes a gas regulating ramp, the cooling system, an instrument air system, an engine pre-heater and a water pump for use in engine maintenance.  All auxiliaries are located in the modules.

Radiators for engine cooling are installed on the roof of the enclosure. A start air bottle and the maintenance water tank are installed next to auxiliary module. The only major component not located on the auxiliary module is the starting air compressor next to it.

Closed-circuit cooling systems used in these gas cubes reduce water consumption to a minimum, making them suitable for remote locations or any location where water is scarce.

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