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Warsash Scientific releases new microspectrophotometer for non-destructive testing of large samples

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article image 20/30 XL UV-Vis-NIR microspectrophotometer

Warsash Scientific announces the new 20/30 XL UV-Vis-NIR microspectrophotometer from CRAIC Technologies.

The 20/30 XL microspectrophotometer is capable of analysing microscopic features of very large samples non-destructively when integrated into large scale sample handling machinery. With a spectral range from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared, analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance, Raman, luminescence and fluorescence with extreme speed and accuracy. The system can also be configured to image microscopic sample areas in the UV and NIR regions in addition to high resolution colour imaging.

The flexible design, which allows large samples to be analysed, facilitates a broad application range from mapping colour and intensity variations of flat panel displays and taking film thickness measurements across the entire surface of 300mm wafers to scanning the surfaces of hard disks for defects or analysing entire paintings with high spatial resolution. 

With its ability to spectral analyse and image microscopic samples and very large devices, the 20/30 XL microspectrophotometer is the cutting-edge micro-analysis tool for laboratories and manufacturing facilities.
The 20/30 XL microspectrophotometers integrate advanced spectrophotometers with a sophisticated UV-visible-NIR range microscope and powerful, easy-to-use software. By including high-resolution digital imaging, the user is also able to use the instrument as an ultraviolet or infrared microscope. 

Innovations such as touch screen controls, advanced software and calibrated variable apertures point to a new level of sophistication for microanalysis. Features such as high sensitivity, durable design, ease-of-use, multiple imaging and spectroscopic techniques, and automation extend the capabilities of the 20/30 XL beyond quality control measurement to providing a solution for all analytical challenges.

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