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POLYTEC of Germany, represented by Warsash Scientific , has released its new modular vibrometer controller to meet the needs of advanced vibration measurement applications.

The latest design adds digital processing with a range of new features that make non-contact vibration analysis even more precise, simple, flexible and rewarding.

The advantages of the OFV-5000 include improved vibration resolution and dynamic range from new digital/analogue decoders, remote focus and focus memory with the advanced OFV-505 sensor head, more capacity for a wider range of modules and digital filtering.

The OFV-5000 controller is designed to accept a choice of signal processing modules, each optimised for different frequency, velocity or displacement performance.

Each module is therefore tuned for different measurement tasks by making the best use of the vibration information in the Doppler signal obtained by the sensor head.

By selecting from a choice of different analogue and/or digital decoders, performance can be precisely tailored to match the demands of the application.

Several compatible stand-optic and fibre optic sensor heads are available to meet specific needs for robustness, flexibility and ease-of-use.

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