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Vibration isolation tabletop system

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article image Vibraplane -- active isolation.

AVAILABLE from Warsash Scientific , the new 8001 series active electronic vibration isolation platform from Kinetic Systems is a compact and ergonomic solution for isolating instruments such as interferometers, SPM, and photo imaging microscopes.

It dynamically isolates all six translational and rotational modes of vibration.

An active feedback control system provides vibration isolation that is superior to that possible with air isolation systems.

It features precise microprocessor control, has an ultra-low natural frequency (<1Hz), produces no low-frequency resonance, and has an automatic leveling mechanism that rapidly adjusts to different loads without user intervention.

For monitoring purposes, a multiplexed signal indicating vibration levels with and without isolation can be displayed on an oscilloscope.

Available in four sizes, this portable tabletop unit uses active feedback to damp vibrations from 1.0 to 1000Hz, whether the source is the building or a piece of equipment on the same table.

Isolation begins at 0.7Hz and increases rapidly to 40dB at 10Hz, where its isolation efficiency is typically 99%. For vibrations above 1000Hz, the unit provides passive vibration control.

The standard aluminum model weighs only 40 lbs., yet it is 500 times stiffer than an air table. Platform size ranges from 16" x 18" x 3.25" to 24" x 31" x 5.25". Load capacity ranges from 330 to 600 lbs.

The top, which can be ordered with mounting holes, can be aluminum plate, ferromagnetic stainless steel, plastic laminate, or anti-static laminate.

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