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WARSASH Scientific has announced the availability of Kinetic Systems' new 52-page user guide detailing the complete line of high-performance vibration control equipment.

The guide introduces Kinetic Systems' two new series of active electronic vibration isolation systems, the new MaxxAlign mounting-hold pattern that provides greater precision for mounting optical components and assemblies, and the new high-performance laboratory-grade 5100T Series optical table, featuring both tuned and broadband damping.

Other offerings include a wide range of standard vibration isolation systems that have low natural frequencies and use air to achieve excellent horizontal and vertical isolation efficiencies and a complete line of optical tables ranging from the industry's Ultimate Performance optical tabletop through five different performances ranges to the economy model.

The guide walks the reader through the selection process for standard or custom-designed Vibraplane vibration isolation workstations, optical tables, vibration-free platforms and islands, vibration isolation mounts, breadboards, and accessories.

For each product line, the guide provides features and benefits, performance data, technical specifications, photos, and drawing.

The science of vibration isolation is explained in basic terms. In addition, the guide provides easily understood technical information to help in the selection process.

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