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article image The Linkam TS1500 high temperature system.

THE Linkam TS1500 high temperature system, available from Warsash Scientific , is a turnkey solution complete with hot stage, programmer, and water circulator.

This heating stage is ideally suited to the study of ceramics, metallurgy, materials, geology and high temperature polymers at both high and low heating and cooling rates.

The body, lid and window are water cooled ensuring both the user and the lens are protected from the extreme temperatures inside the stage. A sample can be placed on either the standard 7mm sapphire window or inside a platinum crucible.

Both sample mounting methods are placed inside the 2.5mm deep ceramic sample cup so that the sample is heated from underneath as well as from the sides. The environment within the stage is controlled by two gas valves at the sides of the stage body.

The temperature is accurately controlled by the TMS94/1500 programmer via the S-type platinum/rhodium thermocouple. The PSU connected to the TMS94 enables the TS1500 heating stage to reach 1500°C from room temperature at an incredible 130°C/min.

The programmer contains a dc power supply - to eliminate electromagnetic interference - and solid state heater protection to prevent accidental damage to the stage. Thermocouple linearisation (linearised to 0.1°C and displayed to 1°C) and cold junction compensation are performed inside the programmer.

The stage system has an ambient temperature range to 1500°C, a type S thermocouple, and an 8mm diameter x 2.5mm high sample cup. The objective lens minimum working distance is 6mm, has a gas tight chamber for atmospheric control and clamps directly to microscope substage.

There are a few TS1500 modifications that can be made in order to suit more specific high temperature applications; the stage can be fitted with vacuum ports to create a vacuum inside the chamber as low as 10-3mbar.

The stage can also have an electrical connector. Inside the stage chamber are two electrical spring clips that allow various electrical sample measurements to be made during a heating profile.

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