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USB powered detector instruments from Warsash Scientific

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The high performance USB powered detector from Spectrum Detector, available from Warsash Scientific, is a suitable component for use in broadband radiometry, UV, VIS, Far IR optical power measurements, and laser power measurement and as a multi-channel optics test set, spectral calibration and optical calibration transfer standard.

Spectrum Detector has developed this line of USB powered, modular, digital product, bringing together a variety of advanced detectors, high performance trans-impedance amplifiers and a powerful microprocessor for performance and versatility.

This family of products, available from Warsash Scientific, includes a Pyroelectric (SPI-D) detector for the measurement of Radiant Flux and Irradiance, and Silicon (SSI-D) and Germanium (SGI-D) detectors for optical power measurements. All are available in a variety of sizes.

Powerful Single and Dual Channel Labview Applications Software provides instrument control, data acquisition and analysis.

The software has the ability to allow the viewing of live readings, full statistics and many graphical displays such as power vs. time graphs to measure source stability.

The optical front end and USB power supply can be used with any of the detector modules, providing the great versatility. Custom applications are now easily developed with their Virtual Com Port and use of existing terminal emulators.

Features and benefits:

  • USB 2.0 full speed port
  • Digital resolution 13 or 15 bits
  • Bandwidth 8KHz or 8Hz
  • Six decades of range
  • LabView applications software
  • Pyroelectric, silicon and germanium detectors
  • High sensitivity, low noise performance
  • Versatile optical front end compatible with thor labs SM1 accessories
  • NIST traceable calibration

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