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U-264 RodDrive with PILine ultrasonic piezo motors from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  introduces the U-264 RodDrive, a direct drive solution that can be easily integrated into OEM applications by customers.  

Manufactured by precision positioning specialist PI (PhysikInstrumente), the U-264 RodDrive offers a fast, low profile linear drive for travel ranges from 50 to 150mm, velocities of up to 250mm/s, or propulsion forces of up to 15 N.  

The piezo actuators in the RodDrive are already connected to the runner, so that integration only requires a guide and possibly a measuring system to be connected.  

Even without power, the piezoceramic PILine linear motors have high holding forces that are stronger than the propulsion forces, preventing heat generation at rest.  

In contrast to motor lead screw combinations, which create linear motion through mechanical transmission of the motor rotation, the RodDrive direct drives enhance size, reliability and velocity by eliminating mechanical components such as cog wheels, gearheads or lead screws. Analogue controllable drive electronics generate the electric voltages to operate the piezo motors.  

RodDrive integrated with PILine ultrasonic piezo motors finds application in moving shutters, sorters, pipettes and sensing probes among others.  

The RodDrive can also be used to create positioning systems in a precision class of a few micrometers to under one micrometer.  

Warsash Scientific offers several highly integrated linear positioning systems, XY stages or rotation adjusters with PILine piezo motors.  

Key features of U-264 RodDrive with PILine ultrasonic piezo motors:  

  • Fast, accurate identification
  • Based on lab-proven Raman spectroscopy
  • User-friendly operation
  • Intuitive menu-driven interface enables fast training and proficiency
  • Single test, multiple narcotics
  • Non-contact sampling
  • Scans directly through plastic or glass to minimise contamination, reduce exposure and preserve evidence
  • Automated, tamper-proof records

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