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Sprout-D high power continuous wave green DPSS laser systems from Warsash Scientific

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article image Sprout-D high power continuous wave green DPSS laser system

Warsash Scientific  introduces the Sprout-D high power, continuous wave green DPSS laser systems from Lighthouse Photonics.  

Sprout is a near-perfect TEMoo mode with extremely low optical noise and excellent long-term stability. The next-generation laser system has been designed and manufactured to provide a sealed, turnkey source of collimated green light with high spectral purity.  

Sprout-D lasers are available in four different power versions including 5 Watt, 6 Watt, 7 Watt and 8 Watt. The output beam parameters (beam diameter, beam divergence, M2 and polarisation) are exactly the same as the Sprout-G, Coherent Verdi and Spectra-Physics Millennia making Sprout-D a simple drop-in replacement.  

A unique Noise Elimination Technology (NET) option available from Warsash Scientific on all models of Sprout-D provides near-zero optical noise in laser output beam. The NET option allows the Sprout-D to be fully compatible with ultra-low noise applications such as Carrier-Envelope-Stabilisation, optical clocks, and ultra-narrow linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire oscillators.  

Key features of Sprout-D high power CW green DPSS laser systems:  

  • Compact laser head design increases ruggedness and minimises space requirement in the lab or instrument
  • Integrated pump diode package with expected lifetime of 20,000+ hours minimises cost-of-ownership
  • Locating the pump diode in the laser head rather than the power supply eliminates fibre optic delivery cable
  • Seal technology keeps all dirt, dust and moisture out of the laser head minimising cleaning or maintenance
  • LockT technology locks all laser head optics permanently in perfect alignment
  • Low noise option <0.03% rms with Noise Elimination Technology
  • Excellent long-term power stability <0.5% rms over 24 hours
  • Rack-mountable or shelf-mountable power supply
  • Disconnecting, 5-metre long control cable
  • 5W, 6W, 7W and 8W versions



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