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Spectral Surface Mapping capabilities for Perfect Vision microspectrophotometers

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Warsash Scientific  now offers instrumentation capable of Spectral Surface Mapping, which allows automatic spectral mapping of surfaces with microscopic spatial resolution.
Suitable for the Perfect Vision microspectrophotometers line from CRAIC Technologies, the Spectral Surface Mapping (S2M) capabilities enable 3D maps to be generated of surfaces for transmission, absorbance, reflectance, polarisation, fluorescence, phosphorescence and even Raman spectra.
S2M empowers scientists and engineers to study the entire surface of their samples by several different methods and in high detail.
S2M gives microspectrometer users the ability to map the spectral variation of surfaces of their samples with microscopic spatial resolution. Surface profiles can be created using UV-visible NIR transmission, absorbance, emission, fluorescence and polarisation microspectral data.
S2M can even create maps of Raman microspectral data from an Apollo Raman microspectrometer. Microspectrometers can now create highly detailed spectral maps with micron scale resolution rapidly and automatically.
Dr Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies explains that the Spectral Surface Mapping package was developed in response to requests from customers who wanted the ability to automatically survey and characterise the entire surface of samples by their spectral characteristics in addition to a high spatial resolution.
He adds that the S2M package allows spectral data to be collected from thousands of points with a user-defined mapping pattern. To meet the needs of customers dealing with many different types of microspectroscopy, the S2M has the ability to map UV-visible-NIR transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and even Raman microspectra all with the same tool.
Spectral Surface Mapping includes a software module to be used with the Minerva microspectrometer control software. When employed with microspectrometers featuring programmable stages, S2M allows a user to automatically take spectral measurements with user-defined mapping patterns that reach to the limits of the stage itself. With the ability to measure up to a million points, high definition maps of the spectral response of the surface of a sample may be generated.

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