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Scanning vibrometers from Warsash Scientific measure dynamic response of solar panels

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article image The scanning vibrometer measures dynamic response of solar panels using a non-destructive, non-contact remote method

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Scanning vibrometers from Warsash Scientific are designed to measure solar panel dynamics using a non-destructive, non-contact remote method.  

Load/strain scenarios and processes for materials and parts can be determined prior to actual deployment using computer modelling and simulation. They can be further developed and improved based on the results and customised to their future applications and environments.  

Unlike traditional contact transducer measurement techniques, the scanning vibrometer allows a highly precise calculation of mechanical properties by combining simulated results with real experimental data and can be used to predict service times for newly designed materials.  

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP in Halle, Germany have used the data gathered from investigating the mechanical vibrations on solar panels to engineer appropriate design improvements to achieve the best possible stability and service time.  

The scanning vibrometer measurement of solar panel dynamic properties is a non-destructive, non-contact remote method that enables the determination of resonance frequencies, operational deflection shapes as well as material parameters such as stiffness and damping without mass loading.  

Operational deflection shapes (ODS) for resonance frequencies can be compared to the respective simulation results. The frequencies and shapes confirm the basic simulation model that has been used.  

To optimise mechanical strength and thereby, increase the service time, variable parameters such as panel dimensions or mounting/ installation techniques can be confidently simulated, measured and adjusted to match the expected application.  

Warsash Scientific offers instrumentation for use in solar and photovoltaics industries including vibration measurement equipment as well as topography, micromachining, thin films and thermal imaging systems.

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