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Pyroelectric detectors available from Warsash Scientific

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article image Detector for tetrahertz measurements

Spectrum Detector has developed a line of broadband, thermal pyroelectric detector designed to measure the power or energy in the terahertz (THz) frequency range.

Available in Australia from Warsash Scientific , pyroelectric detector from Spectrum Detector is an ideal choice for THz frequency measurements.

The range of detectors designed specifically for the THz region from Spectrum Detector include the cost effective Delta series, the ultra-stable STEP series that are TEC cooled and the high accuracy TRAP detectors, which are so accurate that they can be used as calibration transfer standards.

For THz measurements the alternatives are Bolometers and Golay Cells. Bolometers are expensive, bulky and slow to respond, while Golay Cells are not as accurate or versatile as current pyroelectric detectors.

The pyroelectric detectors from Spectrum Detector are small, portable, operate at room temperature and are relatively inexpensive.

Spectrum Detector has a range of systems based around their pyroelectric technology, to suit any application. You can choose from a small hybrid detector and convenient detector evaluation test box, a modular analogue instrument designed for use with your Lock-In Amplifier, or a USB-based digital instrument amplifier with powerful LabView applications software.


  • Spectral response 0.1-30THz (3mm-10µm)
  • Voltage Response (at 30THz) 150KV/W
  • Power range 10nW to 100mW
  • Energy range nJ to J
  • NEP (at 30THz) 4x10-10W/ (Hz) 1/2
  • 2mm square detector

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