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Pulsed UV xenon flash lamps available from Warsash Scientific

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Pulsed xenon UV light sources are found in many industrial processed, where a continuous UV sources cannot meet the requirement of the UV curing or UV sterilisation application.

Pulsed xenon UV curing systems are being implemented in UV curing systems in DVD and semiconductor manufacturing because of the low lamp temperature is essential.

Pulsed xenon UV lamps are also used in UV sterilisation systems, where high efficiency and the absence of toxic substances are of great importance.

The advantages of pulsed UV xenon lamp systems for UV curing are becoming more and more evident, in research and industry. They include:

  • Inline production
  • Instant start / stop
  • Low heating of the product
  • High peak power
  • Minimum space requirements
  • High energy efficient operation
  • Custom or standard lamp design
  • More environmentally friendly than Mercury

The advantages of the pulsed UV xenon sterilisation system include:

  • Worker-friendly (safe and easy to use)
  • Free of toxic substances
  • Temperature integrity
  • Total DNA destruction
  • Process effectiveness
  • Process flexibility
  • Process speed
  • Safety

Pulsed UV xenon flash lamps are available from Warsash Scientific.

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