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Polytec portable laser Doppler vibrometer educational kit from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  offers the Polytec PDV-100 portable digital vibrometer education kit designed to introduce the fundamentals of structural dynamics through direct experimental measurements using laser Doppler vibrometry. Polytec of Germany is the world leader in laser Doppler vibrometry solutions.
The new PDV-100 vibrometer education kit is designed to instruct students about the principles of vibration and structural dynamics using innovative laser technologies. The PDV-100 vibrometer measures the vibration velocity of the sample using Doppler-shifted, retro-reflected laser light. This non-contact measurement technique monitors an object’s natural dynamic behaviour with high precision.
When not used for teaching, the PDV-100 vibrometers can be used for research measurement tasks. In conjunction with VibSoft-20, the vibrometer is a precision, lab-qualified measurement system for single-point frequency analysis up to 22kHz. Critical experimental setups such as vibration measurement on macro and micro-structures can be quickly configured and easily performed.
Measurement system

  • PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer (0-22kHz) 0-30m range
  • VIB-E-220 USB junction box for interfacing the vibrometer to a PC
  • VibSoft-20 data acquisition and FFT analysis software
  • Vibsoft-Desk data analysis software for 3 floating users
The PDV-100 vibrometer education kit also includes two fascinating educational experiments built to demonstrate the unique properties of the laser measurement system.
Vibration experiments

  • Loudspeaker Characterisation Experiment including test structures/fixtures and tutorial
  • Euler Disk Experiment including test structures/fixtures and tutorial
The first experiment introduces very basic principles with an exciting characterisation of a loudspeaker cone including the visualisation of the deflection shapes from the speaker membrane when excited at specific frequencies.
The second experiment is for the more advanced student, wherein the measurement is more complex and examines the fascinating and detailed motion of the spinning Euler-Disk. This movement is well known from the wobbling and spinning motion exhibited by a coin spun about its axis on the table. The dynamic frequency shift during the movement reveals an astonishingly intricate behaviour and can only be measured meaningfully by non-contact measuring methods.

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