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Packaged LED characterisation system

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article image Capable of measuring total spectral, luminous and radiant flux.

LABSPHERE, represented in Australia by Warsash Scientific , has released the Spectral Light Measurement System (SLMS) for high-brightness LEDs and LED boards as well as small lamp modules.

The SLMS is capable of measuring total spectral, luminous and radiant flux, CIE chromaticity, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering indices, and peak and dominant wavelengths.

The SLMS is built around a 254mm, 508mm or 1016mm integrating sphere which incorporates a fibre-fed 1024 or 2048-element spectroradiometer, preset power supply, NIST-traceable spectral calibration lamps and inclusive spectral measurement software. A cosine receiver collects light from the sphere wall where the spectrometer measures the light and data is processed directly by the acquisition software providing spectral, luminous and colour properties of the device under test (DUT).

The sphere interior is coated with a high-reflectance Spectraflect coating for high-uniformity collection of light emitted by the DUT. Easy access to the internal mounting platform and DUT is made possible through a clamshell housing. An external port allows for unobstructed mounting of online board-mounted or heat-sinked devices for forward and partial flux measurements.The SLMS is a flexible system and can be upgraded easily and is expandable to meet custom light measurement needs. It has quick change accessories and hot swappable components.

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