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Oz optics laser stripping and cleaving machine from Warsash Scientific

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Using a laser system to process fibres, such as the OZ optics laser stripping and cleaving system available from Warsash Scientific , allows for non contact cleaving and stripping. This ensures consistent fibre strength and the absence of surface defects such as microcracks, pits, polish scratches, and polishing residue.

Cost savings are achieved as a result of the higher throughput and operator efficiency. Operations become more reliable and consistent with reduced process variability.

This laser stripping and cleaving system is a bench-top module containing the laser stripping cleaving unit, control electronics and computer with a touch screen for automated operation.

The stripping process allows for accurate, operator independent, stripped and cleaved fibers using an air-cooled CO2 laser.

The process consistency is assured by accurate laser beam control and high quality accurate mechanical stages.

Custom applications and processes are easily accommodated with the software to allow the addition of new or improved stripping and cleaving routines giving maximum flexibility.


  • Fully automated computer controlled machine
  • Stripping and cleaving combined in one compact system
  • Custom stripping and cleaving options available
  • Works with single fibres and ribbon fibres
  • Strips acrylate, polyamide and other jacket materials
  • Performs both mid-span and end stripping
  • Strip length accuracy better than 0.05mm
  • Strips and cleaves up to 100 single fibres or 25 ribbon fibres at a time
  • Stripped fibres give > 200 kpsi pull strength
  • Cleaves singlemode, multimode and PM fibres
  • Works with photonic crystal ("holey") fibres
  • Cleaves with +/- 0.3 deg. accuracy

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