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Oz Optics high power shutters and safety interlocks available from Warsash Scientific

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Oz Optics high power shutters and safety interlocks are available from Warsash Scientific . Following are the features of Oz Optics high power shutters and safety interlocks:

  • Multiple watt CW power handling
  • Shutter speeds of <5 m/sec
  • Controlled through a 5 volt TTL signal
  • Available with temperature and connector proximity sensors for safety interlocks
  • Compatible with SMA 905 and FC connectors, including high power air gap style connectors
  • Available in laser-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber versions
  • Fiber connector and receptacles with safety sensors/interlocks available
  • Proximity sensors use an inexpensive and a simple concept
  • Easily adapted to existing fiber optic product lines
  • Suitable for custom design into customer's fiber optic products

Oz Optics high power shutters and safety interlocks can be used in the following applications:

  • All situations involving laser beams, including high power laser beams coupled into single mode or multi-mode fibers
  • Any laser facility requiring compliance to regulatory laser safety standards
  • High power industrial laser applications such as laser marking, cutting and welding
  • Lasers used in medical applications such as laser scalpel, eye surgery, tattoo removal
  • High power laser physics
  • High power spectroscopy
  • OEM laser systems

In response to the demand for high power handling fiber optic components, OZ Optics have developed a series of fiber optic shutters and connectors that incorporate smart sensors for safety interlocks. These shutter systems can be incorporated in OZ Optics' line of high power handling components, including free-space-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber coupling situations. For high power handing capabilities, the optic shutters and connectors can also incorporate additional beam dumps and/or heat sinks to safely absorb the blocked laser power.

The key components that allow realisation of smart shutters and safety interlocks are a series of proximity sensors and temperature sensors installed at suitable locations in the body of fiber optic assemblies. These provide the necessary electrical signals to alert the end user to take appropriate action. The way in which the proximity and temperature sensors are used in smart shutters and safety interlocks is illustrated by the following application examples:

When a customer uses FC or SMA mating sleeve to butt-couple 2 high power multi-mode fibers terminated with appropriate connectors, a sensor that is installed at the appropriate point in the FC or SMA mating sleeve detects the presence or absence of a connector metal ferrule. Thus, in case an operator removes one of the high power fiber patchcords by unscrewing the FC or SMA connector, the sensor signal can be used by the customer to trigger a safety interlock or shut down of the laser. In addition, if a thermocouple or a thermistor has also been installed in the mating sleeve, and there has been some damage to one of the connectorised fiber endfaces that is causing light to reflect into the mating sleeve leading to local temperature rise, the signals from the thermistor or the thermocouple can be used to alert the operator and/or initiate a safety interlock at the laser or laser shut down.

A customer uses OZ Optics shutter, built for use with high power applications, inclusive of beam-dump. In case the beam-dump or inadequate heat sinking causes excessive heating of the shutter assembly, a temperature sensor signal can be used by the operator to initiate suitable actions (trigger alarm, safety interlock and laser shutdown).

Some examples of OZ Optics’ standard parts installed with proximity and temperature sensors for use with shutters and safety interlocks include:

  • FC or SMA bulkhead connectors (for free space to multi-mode fiber coupling situations) Receptacle style collimators and focusers (for free space to multi-mode fiber coupling situations)
  • FC and SMA sleeve-through adaptors (mating sleeves) for multi-mode fiber-to-fiber coupling situations
  • Low power shutters installed in between FC receptacles involving metal beam blocker without heat-dump
  • High power shutters involving reflectors to divert beam into beam-dump, with optional heat-sinking
  • Safety interlocks triggered by any of the foregoing components

Key specifications of power shutters and safety interlocks include:

  • Insertion loss for matched pair MMF patchcords using mating sleeves: <0.5dB
  • Power handling: up to 50 W for MMF patchcords using mating sleeves
  • Shutter response speed: < 5 m/sec
  • Shutter electrical interface: 5 V TTL
  • Thermistor: 10kohms NTCat 25°C
  • Inductive proximity sensor: 3mm OD, 0.6mm operating distance, maximum operating temperature 60°C
  • Contact sensor: spring loaded POGO electrical contacts to detect ferrule and nut

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