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OZ Optics hermetically sealable patchcords with glass solder available from Warsash Scientific

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OZ Optics offer consulting services for custom designed soldering systems, including a wide range of materials and supplies. OZ Optics hermetically sealable patchcords, available from Warsash Scientific , are designed for stringent requirements for component packaging. Utilising bare fibre without costly metalisation, and a proprietary sealing process, these patchcords feature a rugged hermetic feedthrough that can be soldered into an opto-electronic package using standard tin/lead solders.

The hermetic seal tube is gold plated to promote good on-site sealing and corrosion resistance. These assemblies are capable of easily creating a seal that meets industry hermeticity requirements. OZ Optics hermetically sealable patchcords are available with single mode, multimode or polarisation maintaining (PM) fibres. PM fibres offer a means to control polarisation of optical signals throughout the system, thus controlling polarisation dependant losses (PDL) and polarisation mode dispersion (PMD).

This control is crucial in developing high speed, 10 Gbs, 40 Gbs, and faster systems. In general, OZ Optics use polarisation maintaining fibres based on the PANDA fibre structure when building polarisation maintaining components and patchcords. However OZ Optics can construct devices using other PM fibre structures.

As a new service, OZ Optics now offer hermetic sealable patchcords with built-in optical taps for power monitoring. This allows one to tap a small percentage of light from the fibre inside the assembled component. This is ideal for applications such as monitoring the output power from a packaged laser diode assembly. It provides a more precise means of monitoring the signal intensity, as signals seen by the directional tap are not influenced by return losses from the fibre output, which otherwise would be seen in conventional laser diode modules. The main device and the monitor photodiode are packaged into a single housing, reducing both size and costs.

Following are the features of OZ Optics hermetically sealable patchcords with glass solder:

  • Single mode, multimode or polarization maintaining fibres
  • Single or multiple fiber designs up to 16 channels
  • Ribbon fibre versions up to 16 channels available
  • Alternative to fibre metalisation methods
  • Can be installed into packages with standard solders
  • Available terminated with round or rectangular ferrules
  • Designed to meet Telcordia requirements
  • Custom configurations can be designed
  • Large volume manufacturing capacity
  • Low cost

OZ Optics hermetically sealable patchcords with glass solder can be used in the following applications:

  • Laser diode packaging
  • Waveguide packaging
  • Integrated optics packaging
  • Vacuum feedthrough assemblies

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