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New series of photocells

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PERKIN Elmer Optoelectronics, represented by Warsash Scientific , has released its new series of photocells.

These light-dependent resistors can provide a very economical and technically superior solution for many applications where the presence or absence of light is sensed (digital operation) or where the intensity of light needs to be measured (analogue operation).

They are available in low-cost plastic-encapsulated packages as well as hermetic packages. With a wide dynamic range, resistance changes of several orders of magnitude between "light" and "no light", they are responsive to both very low light levels (moonlight) and to very high light levels (direct sunlight).

They are easy to use in dc or ac circuits, and with almost any visible or near-infrared light source such as LEDS, neon, fluorescent, incandescent bulbs, lasers, flame sources, sunlight; etc.

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