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New photochemical sterilisation system available from Warsash Scientific

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article image SteriPulse-XL photochemical sterilisation system

Warsash Scientific  has announced that Xenon Corporation has developed a new UV light source technology– the pulsed xenon arc lamp. Their SteriPulse-XL photochemical sterilisation systems utilise controlled high irradiance UV light, delivered in short, microsecond wide pulses, to provide complete microbial sterilisation.

Pulsed UV light is now the technology of choice for sanitisation and sterilisation applications where continuous mercury UV is unable to meet the requirements for complete DNA destruction, process speed, penetration and low product temperature.

Pulsed UV light offers faster processing, little or no product temperature buildup, process flexibility, freedom from toxic lamp materials, penetration of plastic packages, and ease of meeting special lamp configuration requirements.

It has also been used to kill bacterial endospores, of the type by Bacillus and Clostridium species, known to be highly resistant to various forms of radiation and other physical and chemical agents.

Test results using the SteriPulse-XL RS-3000C system have shown the complete elimination of bacillus spores to be achievable with three pulses of UV light.

Also available are the SteriPulse-XL models RS-3000B and RS-3000M, systems configured for in-line commercial processes such as foodstuff decontamination, medical device and pharmaceutical packaging, sterilisation, inactivated vaccine manufacture, building air supply disinfection and decontamination of high purity water systems.

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