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New motorised linear actuators

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article image PI’s extended range of actuators.

PHYSIK Instrumente (PI), represented by Warsash Scientific , has added to its range of ultra-high-resolution motorised linear actuators.

The latest models include the M-230, M-232 and M-235 series and are suitable for micro-machining, semiconductor test equipment, biotechnology, nanotechnology, high-precision micropositioning and nanopositioning applications.

The actuators are fitted with non-contact, high-precision limit switches and homing switches, differing from each other in design and load capacity.

Rotating or non-rotating lead screws, or recirculating ball screws are used, depending on the particular model.

In contrast to conventional linear actuators, resolution of the new PI actuators does not come at the price of speed. This is accomplished by low-friction ball screws and high-resolution encoders (rather than high-ratio gearboxes).

The fastest model of the new designs achieves 50mm/sec and still provides sub-micron resolution. Other models provide design resolution of 5nm to 100nm and pushing forces to 150N.

Limit switches and home switches give added safety and versatility and a variety of low-cost stand-alone or PC-card controllers/drivers from PI is also available.

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