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New LFI3751 analogue 5 A temperature controller from Warsash Scientific

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article image LFI3751 analogue 5 A temperature controller

Warsash Scientific  has presented a range of high performance temperature controllers from Wavelength Electronics, specifically designed for use in spectroscopy, semiconductor, military, research, and bio-med applications.

The LFI3751 analogue 5 A temperature controller, now with Autotune PID capability, automatically optimises to virtually any thermal load, reducing overshoot and improving temperature stability with the push of a button.

The LF13751 with digital PID Autotune provides better set point resolution and stability with low resolution sensors such as RTD’s.

The digital version also offers improved overshoot suppression, 50% faster settling times and faster calibration.

The WTC3243 is a powerful, compact analogue PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop circuit optimised for use in ultrastable thermoelectric (TEC) temperature control applications.

The WTC3243 maintains precision temperature control using an adjustable sensor bias current and error amplifier circuit that operates directly with thermistors, RTDs, AD590 and LM335 temperature sensors.


LF13751 Analogue:

  • 24 hour temperature stability: 0.003° C
  • Maximum thermoelectric current output: ± 5 amps
  • Proportional gain range: 1 to 100
  • Integrator time constant range: 1 to 10 seconds
  • Differential time constant range: 1 to 100 seconds
  • Supply voltage: +115 VAC or +230 VAC
  • Addressable RS-232 Interface
  • Free Benchlink software
  • Free Labview Interface

LF13751 digital also features:

  • Digital PID improves stability with RTDs by as much as a factor of five
  • Improves overshoot suppression
  • 50% faster settling times

WTC3243 2.2 A:

  • Small package (1.30” x 1.26” x 0.313”)
  • Ultrastable PI control <0.001°C
  • High ±2.2 amp output current
  • Control above and below ambient
  • Voltage controlled setpoint
  • Adjustable sensor bias current source
  • Adjustable sensor gain
  • Independent heat and cool current limits

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