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New 515 nm DPSS laser for laser fluorescence applications available from Warsash Scientific

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Cobolt AB, has announced the release of the Fandango, the compact diode pumped solid state (DPSS) solution for 515nm, available from Warsash Scientific .

The Cobolt Fandang is a continuous-wave solid-state laser with an output wavelength of 515nm and 25mW of power. Built on Cobolt’s high-quality, hermetically sealed package, the Fandango is a single longitudinal mode laser which features very low noise, narrow spectral line width and exceptionally high beam quality.

With the release of the 515nm Fandango, Cobolt now offers a complete suite of compact, all solid state lasers ideal for the replacement of gas (krypton and argon ion) lasers used in fluorescence applications. The Fandango­ is well suited to the excitation of YFP, Alex 514 and Oregon Green. Wavelengths of 491nm, 515nm, 532nm and 561nm are currently available with output powers ranging from 10 to 150mW.

The Fandango laser controller is available in both a CDRH version, intended for stand-alone use in a laboratory environment, and as an ultra-compact remote controlled model for OEM integration. Applications include confocal microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, medical diagnosis and spectroscopy. It is also ideal for use in pharmaceutical labs and clinics requiring an ultra-high brightness light source to induce fluorescence for bioanalysis.

Features and benefits are:

  • Compact diode-pumped solid state laser
  • CW output power up to 25mW at 515nm
  • Single longitudinal mode
  • Narrow spectral bandwidth
  • High quality laser beam, TEM00
  • Low noise <0.3% rms

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