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New 308 FPD Spectrophotometers by CRAIC Technologies available from Warsash Scientific

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CRAIC Technologies introduces the new 308 FPD spectrophotometers designed to analyse the colour and relative intensity of individual pixels of flat panel displays of all types including microdisplays.  

CRAIC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR microscopes and microspectrometers.  

The new 308 FPD spectrophotometers attach to a probe station or microscope to enable the user to obtain colour data and relative intensity comparisons for flat panel displays.  

Capable of measuring spectra on the micron scale, the 308 FPD spectrophotometers can map variations caused by mura, perform pixel-to-pixel comparisons and even map spectral variations within a single pixel.  

Using CRAIC Technologies’ QDI FilmPro software, the 308 FPD can also measure thin film and cell gap thickness. This feature enables display makers to optimise and improve their flat panel display manufacturing process.  

According to Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies, many of their customers wanted to measure ever smaller features on flat panel displays, and developing the 308 FPD was a logical step based on their experience in spectroscopy and imaging on the micron scale.  

The 308 FPD spectrophotometers feature their proprietary Lightblades spectrophotometer technology for improved performance and enhanced flexibility.   

The system allows for colorimetry, spectroscopy and intensity measurements on the micron scales that are common to advanced high resolution displays.  

Dr. Martin adds that the 308 FPD can also be configured to measure thin film thickness as well as for imaging, enabling testing of many aspects of displays with a single instrument.    

Key features of 308 FPD spectrophotometers: 

  • Combines advanced Lightblades spectrophotometers with sophisticated optics and software to enable the user to measure spectra, colorimetry, light intensity and film thickness on the micron scale
  • Measures the colour and intensity of the entire display as the smallest pixels are 10 microns across
  • Also compares pixels to pixels and even maps out the changes within a single pixel
  • Designed for the production environment
  • Incorporates automated measurement capabilities, touch screen controls, easily modified processing recipes and sophisticated data analysis tools 

Warsash Scientific  is the exclusive representative of CRAIC Technologies, Inc.  

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