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Narrow Diode lasers from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  introduces a new narrowband diode laser from Radiant Dyes.
The new Narrow Diode laser has wavelength separation realised by a low loss interference filter instead of the common diffraction grating, due to which it offers very high robustness against mechanical and thermal disturbances.
Additionally, the fixed output beam of the new narrowband diode lasers leads to very high stability because the direction and position of the output beam are almost independent from the wavelength. The laser also guarantees a very small bandwidth and very large tunability simultaneously.
Key features of Radiant Dyes’ Narrow Diode lasers:

  • Small-sized, low-priced external cavity diode laser
  • Very small bandwidth (down to 20kHz) power spectrum of the beat signal between two lasers
  • Typical wavelength: 780nm, 798nm, 852nm (others on demand)
  • Typical output power: <50mW; with amplifier: >1.5W
  • Tunability: 7 GHz mode-hop free by piezo scanning, up to 20nm with mechanical tuning and mode-hopping
  • Wavelength stabilisation by frequency modulation spectroscopy possible
  • Fixed output beam
  • Frequency doubling option

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