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Modular integrating spheres from Warsash Scientific

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article image Labsphere’s modular integrating spheres

Labsphere’s line of modular spheres, available from Warsash Scientific, has been designed to provide affordable and flexible solutions for light measurement applications.

The modular design provides the user with the configuration flexibility, allowing them to create their own uniform source or light measurement system in a matter of minutes.

Choose your sphere by selecting size, ports, and reflectance material. Then customise your system by optioning from a wide range of light sources, assemblies, port reducers, and more.

Labsphere’s comprehensive range of interchangeable accessories offers you a multitude of application options.

The robust sphere design features sturdy port frames and easy access, quick-change mounting options.

The spheres are offered with Spectraflect, Spectralon or Infragold coatings which each provide high, near-perfect Lambertian reflectance to ensure optimal integration of light over the lifetime of your sphere.

Get the greatest value from your investment by reusing base components and simply changing accessories to meet different application requirements or to upgrade your existing system for future needs.

Optional light sources

  • Internal halogen: 5w – 100w
  • External halogen:
  • Dichroic: 30w, 80w, 120w
  • Rhodium: 40w, 75w, 100w

Optional detector assemblies

  • Silicon
  • Germanium
  • Indium-Gallium-Arsenide

A variety of accessories

  • Illuminator or detector assemblies
  • Port reducers
  • Port plugs
  • Filters and more

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