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Maintaining accurate sample temperature

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article image Temperature control from ambient to 40°C.

LINKAM Scientific Instruments, represented by Warsash Scientific , has developed the Incubatrix 35, the entry level stage in a new range of cell biology microscope stage chambers.

The Incubatrix range includes temperature controlled air baths from ambient to 40°C for 35mm petri dishes, microscope slides, and well plates.

Maintaining accurate sample temperature is critical in live cell observation. The new incubator cell biology stages have been designed so that short working distance, high NA optics can be used.

Up to five separately prepared samples are kept at a specified temperature in a small portable incubator built into the top of the controller. Samples can then be quickly transferred to the observation chamber with minimal temperature loss.

Sample temperature is controlled by precisely measuring the temperature media surrounding it in either a petri dish, microscope slide, or 96 well plate.

The atmospheric temperature inside the incubator is then controlled relative to the measured sample temperature, thereby ensuring extremely accurate temperature of the cells rather than just the container they are in.

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