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Hybrid MEMS 3D dynamics analyser

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article image The MSV-300 vibrometer.

WARSASH Scientific has announced the introduction of the MMA-300, the first integrated laser Doppler vibrometry and stroboscopic video microscopy system for full-field 3D characterisation of MEMS dynamics.

Developed by Polytec of Germany, the MMA-300 combines the MSV-300 scanning laser vibrometer with the new PMA-300 planar motion analyser.

The MSV-300 maps out-of-plane vibration while the PMA-300 measures in-plane motion simultaneously.

The MMA-300 exploits the advantages of both techniques: the extreme accuracy, speed and broad application of laser Doppler, together with video microscopy's ability to measure in-plane motion of virtually any surface.

The analyser offers a measurement frequency range from near DC to 30MHz including FFT and time domain processing with laser Doppler accuracy and reliability.

The MMA-300 is designed for a wide range of applications. They include the modal analysis, impulse response, settling times, resonant frequencies, Q factors, calibration, FE model verification and reliability, of MEMS, MOEMS, telecom and light-projection micro-mirror arrays, RF MEMS, gyroscopes, accelerometers, scanning probe measurement devices, magnetometers, bio-MEMS and other micro-structures.

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