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Handheld light measurement system

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article image HLMS-200P handheld light measurement system.

LABSPHERE , represented by Warsash Scientific , has introduced the HLMS-200P Handheld Light Measurement System, an easy-to-use, precision photometric instrument designed for use in the field, laboratory, or production floor.

The instrument measures luminous flux from highly divergent sources such as LED's, small lamps, and fibre-illuminators.

The HLMS-200P consists of a compact, lightweight, handle-grip enclosure, with build-in microprocessor, that performs several functions at the touch of a button.

The instrument features a 2” diameter integrating sphere that collects the total light entering the sphere measurement port. The sphere interior is fabricated from Spectralon reflectance material, a nearly-Lambertian (perfectly diffuse) reflectance material that is ideal for applications covering the UV-VIS to the NIR-MIR wavelength regions.

The Spectralon sphere offers greatly reduced sensitivity to light source alignment and polarisation and omits errors introduced from detector area non-uniformities. Spectralon offers high diffuse reflectance.

The instrument's photopically filtered silicon detector provides maximum sensitivity at low light levels. Sensitivity over five full decades provides the ability to measure from 0.05 to 7000 lumens.

Data is instantly displayed on an easy-to-read four digit front panel LCD display. Simple push button controls are easily accessible and clearly labelled on the front panel.

The instrument is powered by a 9V battery and is calibrated to display lumens. A calibration certificate, with calibration traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is included.

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