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Hand held, battery-powered light meter from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  is pleased to present the IL1400A hand-held Radiometer /Photometer from International Light. The IL1400 provides unique features unmatched by any other hand-held radiometer in the market such as a seven decade measurement range, auto ranging and NIST-traceable accuracy. Adding to that, the radiometer has one of the largest selections of application specific light sensors available. It is, thus, an easy to use, portable, robust feature set with hand-held convenience making it highly user-friendly.

All IL1400 compatible sensors are “smart” with stored calibration information and programmability features. These are available to measure visible, UV and infrared light. The ILT1400 is suitable for any kind of light source-such as lamps, LEDs, lasers, and solar sources. The IL1400 can measure irradiance, lux, power, foot-erts, candle-power, and candela. Applications include photo resist, LED, germicidal, UV hazard, plant photo biology, UV curing, laser, and photostabiliy.


  • 7 decade measurement range
  • Large array of available applications for specific and general purposes such as “smart” detectors.
  • IST-traceable calibration with certificates
  • 0.2% linearity
  • Exposure integration up to 24 hours
  • Hand-held, battery operated
  • Automatic ranging, zeroing, and shutoff

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