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Excelitas thermopile sensors from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  presents a new thermopile detector series featuring a digital signal output.
The new thermopile detectors offer an efficient alternative to existing analogue thermopile detectors.
Used for remote temperature sensing by measuring infrared radiation, Excelitas thermopile sensors consist of a silicon-based thermopile chip in a metal housing with IR transmissive filter. The silicon chip carries a series of thermo elements, forming a sensitive area covered by an IR absorbing material.
The new thermopile detectors find application in high precision temperature sensing, ear thermometer and infrared pyrometry.
Key features of Excelitas thermopile sensors:

  • Thermopile sensing principle allows for broadband IR measurements
  • MEMS sensing element
  • Optical filter defines the sensitive spectral range of the sensor
  • Digital output sensor
  • 17 Bit Tobj output ‘Direct Link’
  • 14 Bit Tamb output ‘Direct Link’
  • 3-pin TO-5 housing
  • Thermopile sensor with large absorber area
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • 5.5μm cut on IR filter
  • Operating voltage down to 2.4V
  • Low current consumption

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