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Delta series of radiometer and joulemeters available from Warsash Scientific

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Warsash Scientific  provides the Delta series of radiometer and joulemeters from Spectrum Detector.

Small and flexible, this series of radiometer and joulemeter probes are the perfect, economical fit for the lab bench, production test bed or on board a laser for measurement of optical power.

The modular design of the Delta series only requires the user to plug a Delta probe into an analog power supply (Delta-APM) to mate with oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers.

Alternatively, plug it into a digital USB-based electronic module (Delta-DPM) to create a complete PC based radiometer or energy meter.

A wide range of standard smart Delta probes, including Si, Ge and InGaAs photodiodes or Pyroelectric detectors are available, covering the spectrum from DUV to FAR IR and even the THz region.

The ability to mix and match a variety of detector probes with the Delta Digital, USB Power module provides great versatility for any application.

The SM1 threaded front bezel makes it easy to add windows, optics, fiber optic connectors and much more. The Delta series allows the successful creation of a complete measurement instrument – radiometer or joulemeter, providing the value for users with its high measurement performance.

Features and benefits

  • Small, compact probe head
  • High performance, low cost
  • Detectors
  • Pyroelectric 0.25 to 15µm or greater
  • Si, Ge, InGaAs 0.19 to 1.9µm
  • Detector sizes 3 mm to 10mm
  • Measure pW to mW or fJ to mJ
  • Mate to analog or digital electronics
  • Delta-APM Analog Power Module
  • Delta-DPM Digital Power Module
  • Powerful LabView software controls range, wavelength, trigger level, graphic displays and much more
  • Precise, NIST traceable calibration
  • OEM models available

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