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Custom vibration isolation solutions from Warsash Scientific

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article image A custom tabletop vibration isolation solution
Warsash Scientific  presents a range of custom vibration isolation solutions from Herzan designed to meet specific requirements of the customer’s application.
Herzan has successfully designed numerous custom solutions ranging from large scale acoustic enclosures, tabletop active vibration isolation systems and custom EMI isolation systems. Each tailored solution begins with an intensive design and engineering process by Herzan’s technical staff to ensure all nuances within the requirements of an application are addressed.
Popular among Herzan’s custom vibration isolation solutions are unique acoustic enclosure systems and integrated tabletop active or passive vibration isolation systems.

Warsash Scientific and Herzan can easily design an integrated solution to meet the needs for functionality, quality and performance when a customer prefers to have a tabletop configuration with the excellent performance of an AVI-200 system.

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