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Copper Vapour Lasers from Warsash Scientific

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Oxford Lasers' new generation of Copper Vapour Lasers (CVLs) are available from Warsash Scientific . They have very high peak power, a very short pulse duration of 20-30ns and also a very high pulse repetition rate.

The Copper Vapour Lasers' short pulse makes them suitable as a stroboscopic light source for high speed imaging.

They have excellent beam quality. This means that the Copper Vapour Lasers can be readily manipulated into very thin light sheets for Flow Visualisation and high aspect ratio Micromachining. This can be done in the Copper Vapour Lasers natural green 510.6nm and frequency doubled UV outputs.

Oxford Lasers is based in the UK in collaboration with the renowned Oxford University Clarendon laboratory, one of the world's key centres for CVL research.

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