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Configurable OEM optical pyrometers

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article image Photrix line of OEM optical pyrometer.

LUXTRON's Photrix line of OEM optical pyrometers, available from Warsash Scientific , provides an advanced non-contact temperature measurement system.

Designed to provide precise and stable readings, the Photrix is a configurable system that can be customised to suit any application from 15°C to 3000°C.

A Photrix system can be used as a single channel measurement device or multiple channels can be networked together using a multi-channel interface module. The Photrix if offered in two standard series that represent different spectral responses.

The XN series for silicon and other semiconductor substrates offers a 900nm wavelength spectral response and 190°C to 3000°C temperature range. The XW series for measurements of most metals and ceramics has a 700 to 1600nm wavelength spectral response and 15°C to 2800°C temperature range.

The Photrix optical pyrometers are simple to operate.

Optics are suitable for measuring objects in high vacuum, harsh electro-magnetic chemically corrosive and/or hard to access environments.

The system easily integrates into many diverse applications by offering four distinct collection optics configurations including:

* Sapphire lightpipes, suitable for directly inserting into process chambers through vacuum fittings;

* Sapphire lightpipes with flexible fibreoptic cable to the detector electronics module for tight space requirements;

* Lens based optics for viewing small spots on targets through a viewport or window; and

* Lens based optics with flexible fibreoptic cable for the detector electronics module for tight spaces requirements.

The Photrix detects radiant flux from a hot object and utilises an algorithm based on Plank's Blackbody Radiation Equation to calculate the surface temperature of the object.

Photrix is able to measure smaller signals and lower temperatures at short wavelengths than other pyrometers. It offers high resolution of up to 0.01°C, high speed up to 1kHz, wide measurement range from 15°C to 3000°C, low drift, and a compact design.

Custom options include filters, apertures and collection optics all optimised to provide accurate and repeatable readings in a given environment for demanding and hostile thermal environments.

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