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Cobolt Mambo continuous-wave solid-state lasers from Warsash Scientific

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article image Mambo 594 nm DPSS Laser

Warsash Scientific  have released the compact Cobolt Mambo to further expand Cobolt's product portfolio of compact visible lasers into the orange.

The Cobolt Mambo is a continuous-wave solid-state lasers operating at a fixed wavelength 594nm, with an output power of 25mW.
It is suited for fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.

As part of Cobolt’s product-line for high-performance DPSS lasers in the visible, the Cobolt Mambo is a single longitudinal mode laser with low noise, narrow spectral line width and high beam quality.

The Cobolt lasers are based on PPKTP frequency conversion technology. They are built on an robust platform into a hermetically sealed package. They feature low noise (<0.3%rms) and good beam quality (M2<1.1) over a wide temperature range (10 to 40 °C) and show strong resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. Due to the high efficiency, the full system typically consumes less than 25W of electrical power.

The Cobolt Mambolaser provides a compact solid-state and higher power alternative to HeNe lasers, which opens up a new range of fluorescence applications, in particular for the excitation of Alex Fluor 594, Texas Red and the new very bright gene expression proteins mCherry & mKate.

Cobolt now offers a complete range of high performance DPSS lasers to the fluorescence based bioanalytical industry. The 473nm, 491nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm and 594 nm lasers are currently available at output powers from 10 to 300 mW.

The laser controller is available both in a CDRH version and as an compact, remotely controllable OEM model. It is built on a robust platform with mounting holes for convenient installation and optimum heat dissipation. It is remotely controllable for operation and monitoring of the laser system through digital (RS-232) or analogue interfaces.

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