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ChemSight hazardous gas detection system available from Warsash Scientific

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In order to provide comprehensive information about chemical threats immediately and accurately, Warsash Scientific offers ChemSight hazardous gas detection system from Avir Sensors.

The ChemSight detector is an infrared (IR), line of sight, sensing system for point of entry, fixed security, fence line and perimeter protection that utilises a simple, non-contact, spectral analysis of the atmosphere.

With a line of sight path up to 100 metres, the ChemSight detector can provide continuous, uninterrupted monitoring of hazardous gaseous chemicals over a wide coverage area and is particularly suited to the monitoring of large indoor or outdoor facilities such as subway and train stations, stadiums, airport terminals, and government buildings.

The ChemSight detector offers a global view and fast response to nearly all chemical challenges and interferants, providing detection and identification capabilities unmatched by alternative, in-situ (or point) sensor technologies.

The ChemSight detector is robust, easy to install and operate and with its low-maintenance schedule and no-consumables it is an ideal install-and-forget detector.

The ChemSight detector is a qualified anti-terrorism technology and is a US Department of Homeland Security Safety Act designated technology.


  • Continuous, uninterrupted (24/7, 365 days/year), monitoring
  • Immediate response (1 sec followed by 15 sec confirmation measurement) to rapidly detect and identify chemical and concentration levels
  • Line of site path up to 100 metres for protection of large spaces, entry points, fence lines, sporting events, etc.
  • Multi-chemical detection (most chemical warfare agents, most important toxic industrial chemicals, and common interferants)
  • Good background rejection capabilities (exhaust fumes, cleaning agents, fire extinguishing agents, water vapour, etc.)
  • Digital chemical library updateable via internet.
  • Long life, low maintenance (no contamination of sensing elements, filters, concentrators, etc.) and no consumables
  • Built in proprietary confidence tester for remotely testing the sensor to confirm operation, sensitivity and response time.

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