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CRAIC 20/20 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer now has Raman microspectroscopy capabilities

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The world leading innovator of microspectroscopy solutions, CRAIC Technologies announces the addition of Raman microspectroscopy capabilities to its flagship product, the 20/20 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer.
Available from Warsash Scientific , the CRAIC 20/20 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer has the ability to collect Raman, UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples and sample areas in addition to UV-visible-NIR imaging, film thickness measurements and micro-colorimetry, all in the same instrument.
Users of the 20/20 PV now have the ability to acquire Raman spectra with lasers from the blue to the near infrared, in addition to UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence and emission microspectra.
The 20/20 PV not only has the ability to acquire all these types of spectra of even sub-micron samples rapidly and easily, but can do so from the same area thanks to the proprietary optical aperturing technology. Additionally, the instrument features the ability to acquire images of these same microscopic samples in the UV, visible and NIR regions.
CRAIC 20/20 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometers find application in the development of the latest advanced materials such as nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes to studying various types of biological samples including vision research in addition to the analysis of forensic samples and the measurement of thin film thickness in the semiconductor and optics industries.
Raman microspectroscopy is added with the Apollo Raman microspectroscopy packages, also available from Warsash Scientific. Each Apollo is a self-contained package including laser, spectrometer and hardware. Multiple Apollo units with different lasers may be combined on the 20/20 PV. 
Adding the capability to analyse the Raman spectra of microscopic samples makes the 20/20 PV a cutting-edge micro-analysis tool for any laboratory or manufacturing facility.
Key features of CRAIC 20/20 PV microspectrophotometers: 

  • Raman, UV-visible-NIR spectroscopic and imaging capabilities
  • Advanced UV-visible-NIR light sources
  • Solid state lasers
  • True UV-visible-NIR microscopy
  • Sensitive UV-visible-NIR range spectrometers
  • Sophisticated MINERVA spectral software
  • Raman microspectroscopy added with the Apollo Raman microspectroscopy packages
  • Durable design and ease of use

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