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CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometers from Warsash Scientific

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article image Polytec CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer

Warsash Scientific  has announced that CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometers from Polytec now benefit from digital decoding technology with the new, evolved sensor heads and optical accessories providing an even greater number of functionalities for industrial vibration measurement.

For applications such as end-of-line production testing, hard disk inspection and general R&D that require vibration testing, Polytec now have a 350 kHz high resolution digital version (CLV-2534-2 Compact Laser Vibrometer) and a 3.2 MHz high bandwidth system with a velocity limit of 10 m/s, offering optional direct displacement output (CLV-2534-3 Compact Laser Vibrometer).

New optical accessories and applications

Camera option

  • Easily mounted on the sensor head to also provide a video image of the object under test as well as vibration measurements

VIB-A-510 LED illumination unit

  • Combined with a microscope objective (e.g.VIB-A-20xLENS), the CLV-2534 can also be used as a measurement microscope for microstructures with a spot size of only 1.5 µm

VIB-A-520 telescopic objective

  • For hard disk drive component measurements and quality tests where a large stand-off distance and small field-of-view are required
  • Features a 320 mm working distance

90° deflection units

  • For measurement locations requiring a turn to get access, two (for laser only and for both laser and video image) are available.

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