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Vacuum-formed plastic shipping trays

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WARRINGAH Plastics now design and manufacture custom plastic shipping trays to help protect parts in transport. The vacuum formed trays can be designed for single or multiple use in a wide range of applications such as machining, painting, printing or delivery for assembly amongst other processes.

Using vacuum formed trays helps ensure a correct part count at both ends of the journey due to fixed cavities in each tray and also ensures similar looking left and right parts are not confused thanks to custom designed cavities.

Warringah Plastics have developed a method of designing trays which enables them to be nested when empty without jamming which means there is no costly transporting of air. When loaded with parts, the trays have the ability to sit above one another providing clearance between delicate surfaces on stored parts and trays sitting above.

The plastic vacuum forming process allows custom design of shipping trays due to lower upfront tooling costs and reduced lead times for production compared to other processes such as injection molding. Trays can be formed any size up to 3.3m X 2.7m

Warringah Plastics is a designer and manufacturer of quality vacuum formed and thermoformed parts that prides itself on working closely with its clients to produce high quality on-time plastic formings.

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