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Warren and Brown drives fibre optics through Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai

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The construction of the 828 metre Burj Khalifa Tower, recently opened to great world acclaim, posed a great challenge when it came to the integration of all media services. The size of the project meant that approximately 50,000 Fibre Optic connections had to be made to service the buildings telecommunications, security and other needs.

Utilising traditional methods of pigtail splicing in the main Telecoms room was considered unacceptable and field hand polishing methods would lead to delays in the delivery of these services.

The contractor responsible for the integration of all media services in the Burj Khalifa Tower, Bond Communications, sought out Warren and Brown Technologies after becoming aware of the contract solutions that Warren and Brown Technologies had provided to Telstra over many years.

The Bond engineering team met with Warren and Brown Technologies Engineers and briefed them to develop a new and innovative method of field termination.

Working closely with Bond Communications, Warren and Brown Technologies provided the technology by which a reliable field termination of a connector was possible on site. This enabled Bond Communications to deliver fibre optic services throughout the building quickly and efficiently with a number additional advantages.

For example, there was common high quality factory polish with guaranteed mechanical tolerances, so high performance optical connections were possible. Also there was less room for error, as there was no splicing required and no excess splice trays, just direct termination.

High reliability was achieved through the use of factory tested techniques and machinery, while direct on site factory termination meant that no excess cord was needed so each fibre was exactly the correct length. In addition, connectors were polished in groups of up to 16 so quick termination meant that the project was on time

Apart from the development of this innovative solution, Warren and Brown Technologies trained all Bond Communications Technical staff with all aspects of optic fibre technology and provided them with the equipment to perform the various tasks for the tower, all within the period of one week.

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