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Optic fibre cords available from Warren and Brown Technologies

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Optic fire cords and pigtails, available form Warren and Brown Technologies , can be custom madeds to suit specific customer requirements.

Optic fibre cords and pigtails can be supplied according to the following:

  • Any connector type - FC, LC, SC, SC/A, ST, DIN, LC/A etc.
  • Any cord length from 0.5 metre and upwards
  • Any cord width - 900um, 2mm, 2.4mm, 3mm
  • Any range of fibres - Single fibre, Duplex, 4F, 6F, 8F,12F,16F,24, 36, 48F, etc.
  • Single mode G657B fibre or Multimode (om1, om2, om3) fibre

Fibre optic cords and pigtails are Telstra approved and have a fast production time with production facilities in Australia and Asia.

SMOF connectors meet the latest issue of Telstra’s Specification No: 1557 – Cables and Connectors for Transmission Equipment. SMOF cord meets ITU - G657B specifications, with low sensitivity to bends and no water peak.

The single mode optical fibre cord has the following features:

  • Colored yellow
  • 9um core dia
  • 125um cladding dia
  • 900um tight buffered core

The core of the optic fibre cord has an aramid yarn (eg Kevlar) strength member, provided under a LSZH sheath. The optic fibre cords have a minimum tensile strength of 100 Newtons, an MBR of 30mm, ability to withstand a small crushing load and the ability to withstand a small impact load. The fibre optic cables also pass a standard edge bend test.

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