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Warner Electric Australia offers Equipment to various sectors

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Warner Electric Australia  supplies its equipment to different sectors in the market and benefits them. Warner Electric equipment is being supplied to fields such as textile, farm, medical, food processing, material handling, postal, tension control systems, iron and steel, mining, vehicular, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment , packaging machinery, aerospace and defense sectors.

The features of equipment offered from Warner Electric to each industry is described below.

In Textile sector Clutches and Brakes are used for Loom drives which has high cycle rate.

Medical sector utilizes Warner's brakes in wheelchair and silent brakes are used for specific applications like mammography etc. Other types of brakes used in Medical sectors are power chair parking brake, X-ray holding brake, stair lift Parking brakes.

Warner Electric offers combined clutch and brakes for sorting mails and are available in compact design with life long duration. Warner Electric are experienced in designing and manufacturing electric clutch and clutch brake units for blade drives on walk-behind mowers, lawn tractors and for heavy duty clutch or brakes for high end residential and commercial mowers.

Warner Electric offers industry's most valuable product solutions for the Packaging machinery and corrugated markets. The worked carried out includes filling, labellings,cartoning, bagging, sealing, capping, pallet forming and tensioning.

Product solutions offered are Standard enclosed gear drive, custom speed reducers, centric brand overload Clutches limiters and speed drives.

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